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About Me


I'm an enthusiastic producer, mixer, writer and musician. I bring energy, punch, depth and weight to my productions, helping connect listeners to the human power of the composer and performers. 

I get excited about all sorts of songs from indie-pop and hip hop to punk-rock and doom metal.

Recently, I've been producing & mixing with and writing with 


The Florentinas, TRAMP, The Rosecaps, Maria Kelly, HAVVK, Affection to Rent, Susi Pagel, And So I Watch You From Afar, Nathan Connolly (Snow Patrol), Wheatus, General Fiasco, Slomatics, Queen Zee, Be Like Pablo, The Wood Burning Savages, 

I've written and collaborated with Tim Wheeler (Ash), Matt Caughthran (The Bronx) MC Lars, Dizzy Dustin (Ugly Duckling) Blue Violet, Morgana, ROE, Reevah, Adam WarRock, Tribe One and Duke Special. 

I've produced/mixed for releases on Jive/Zomba, Partisan Records, Dirty Hit, Bella Union, Sargent House, Kitsune, Domino Music, Bar/None, Fantastic Plastic, Jade Tree, Third Bar, No Dancing, New Heavy Sounds, Killing Moon, Small Town America, VETA Music, Creation23, Big Scary Monsters, Xtra Mile, Mountains of Records, Consouling Sounds (BE), Burning World, Head of Crom, Blackbow Records, The Distortion Project, Rubyworks, Fabtone (JP), Shock (AUS), Ra-Ra Rock Records, Graphite Records & Spit Records. 


I privately obsess over recording techniques, sonics, layers, analog synthesizers, fuzz boxes and space echoes. Outwardly I bring excitement, energy and passion to my songs, artists and projects.


I started as a live engineer aged 16, mixing in venues and festivals across Ireland, touring Europe with acts including Longbeach, CA's Ugly Duckling who helped start my love of hip hop. 


I soon started taking my experimentation with recording more seriously and formed a band called Oppenheimer. We released 3 albums with Bar/None Records USA, touring the states 15+ times and enjoying many life-changing indie-pop moments and lots of placements in Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, How I Met Your Mother and campaigns with Nike, Fujifilm and BBC.

In 2007 I set up Start Together Studio in Belfast, N.Ireland as a wonderland for musicians to make the records of their dreams.  It continues to grow as a musician-focused, multi-studio set-up offering artists a comfortable, creative space with a huge collection of instruments and equipment.

I also travel regularly across the UK & Europe to rehearse, record or mix with artists. 

I work with Pip Newby at Friends Vs Music for bookings & management.

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