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About Me

I'm an enthusiastic producer, mixer, writer and musician.

I get excited about all sorts of songs from indie-pop and hip hop to punk-rock and doom metal.


I privately obsess over recording techniques, sonics, layers, analog synthesizers, fuzz boxes and space echoes. Outwardly I bring excitement, energy and passion to my songs, artists and projects.


I started as a live engineer aged 16, mixing in venues and festivals across Ireland, touring Europe with acts including Longbeach, CA's Ugly Duckling who helped start my love of hip hop. 


I soon started taking my experimentation with recording more seriously and formed a band called Oppenheimer. We released 3 albums with Bar/None Records USA, touring the states 15+ times and enjoying many life-changing indie-pop moments and lots of placements in Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, How I Met Your Mother and campaigns with Nike, Fujifilm and BBC.

In 2007 I set up Start Together Studio in Belfast, N.Ireland as a wonderland for musicians to make the records of their dreams.  It continues to grow as a musician-focused, multi-studio set-up offering artists a comfortable, creative space with a huge collection of instruments and equipment.

I also travel regularly across the UK & Europe to rehearse, record or mix with artists. 

I work with Pip Newby at Friends Vs Music for bookings & management.

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